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Weather For This Weekend

Golf Club's Log • 21st Feb, 20 • 0 Comments


It is still very wet underfoot. However, Saturday should be mostly dry with temperatures around 11°c. Sunday morning could be wet with the rain easing off later, temperatures around 12°c.



Another weekend, Another storm

Golf Club's Log • 13th Feb, 20 • 0 Comments


There's going to be heavy rain and strong winds all weekend. Temperatures will be around 12°c.



What's The Weather Like?

Golf Club's Log • 25th Jan, 20 • 0 Comments


Today (Saturday 25th Jan), is overcast but should remain dry. It's still a bit soft underfoot but greatly improved from a week ago. Tomorrow is going to be wet and a bit windy from about 11 am onwards. Temperatures this weekend are around 9°c. 



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