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The Weather 15th + 16th Dec

Golf Club's Log • 14th Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


Saturday is going to be cold and wet. But Sunday is looking better, it should be a bit warmer and stay dry until about 2 or 3 pm with temperatures around 7°c.



Weather and Course Conditions 8th + 9th Dec

Golf Club's Log • 7th Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


It's going to be windy this weekend but mostly dry. Sunday is looking like the better day. Saturday will be mostly dry but there is a blob of blue coming across the map in the late morning and its going to be windy. Sunday won't be as windy and it should be dry.

Although we've had a lot of rain over the last two weeks the course has held up well. HEDGEHOGS ARE REQUIRED ON TROLLEYS…



Winter Opening Time

Golf Club's Log • 3rd Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


Please be advised that during December and January we will be opening the clubhouse at 8:30 am instead of the usual 8:00 am.