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Christmas Closures

Golf Club's Log • 24th Dec, 18 • 1 Comments


The course will be closed on Christmas Day only. We will be open on Boxing Day but the kitchen will be closed and we'll be back to normal on Thursday.



The Weather 15th + 16th Dec

Golf Club's Log • 14th Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


Saturday is going to be cold and wet. But Sunday is looking better, it should be a bit warmer and stay dry until about 2 or 3 pm with temperatures around 7°c.



Weather and Course Conditions 8th + 9th Dec

Golf Club's Log • 7th Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


It's going to be windy this weekend but mostly dry. Sunday is looking like the better day. Saturday will be mostly dry but there is a blob of blue coming across the map in the late morning and its going to be windy. Sunday won't be as windy and it should be dry.

Although we've had a lot of rain over the last two weeks the course has held up well. HEDGEHOGS ARE REQUIRED ON TROLLEYS…



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